People call me the “Queen of Self-esteem” but it has not always been like that……

Hi, my name is Elena Adani. I am a well-being professional and a coach, my main passion is helping people to achieve extraordinary goals, improve their self-esteem, and I enjoy creating products and new strategies to improve people’s lives.

About eight years ago, I made a significant change. As I could not keep on working in an office where I could not express my creativity, and myself, I decided to quit the job and dedicate my life to help people just like you. I made this big leap when I was about 42, so there is no specific age to make radical changes.

I have always been a free spirit, driven by curiosity and the desire to fight injustice. It is not by chance that I was born in 1968 in Modena (Italy), a year of great social and economic turmoil.

During my teen’s years and for a long time I felt stuck, I had difficulties taking life easily, plagued with the challenge of having good self-esteem, and come to grips with my negative emotions.

Thanks to an expert life-coach whose coaching helped me turn my habits around, and thanks to myself for my commitment to improving my lifestyle, I was able to transform my suffering into moments of joy. And today, I am a coach as well. I am also an expert in personal development, internet marketing, massage, flower therapy, radionics, and postural rebalancing.

This incredible change has allowed me to attract only positive people in my life, including my husband.

Today, I am convinced that the mind and body are tightly connected and that one lifetime is not enough to understand all the secrets hidden in the human’s mind and body.

It is a real pleasure for me to welcome you to LIFENOWACADEMY®.

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