Five exercises to boost your Self-esteem

Self-esteem and confidence are key to succeeding in anything you do. While many people talk about improving your confidence, raising your Self-esteem is a necessary step on that journey. If you don’t think highly of yourself, how can you project an air of self-esteem and positivity? The phrase “fake it till you make it” comes to mind, but there are actually easy ways to boost your Self-esteem, and in turn raise your confidence levels.

Here five simple exercise to boost your Self-esteem.

Self-esteem exercise no. 1 – List 10 things you like about your life.

Even if you don’t feel your life is exactly where it should be you can still find things you like about it. They can be as simple as liking your pet or enjoying reading; the purpose of the exercise is to make you think about your life. It can sometimes help to acknowledge and appreciate the small things as a first step. This will open your eyes to the impact seemingly meaningless things can have on the way you feel.

Self-esteem exercise no. 2 – List 10 skills you have

Acknowledging your own skills can take some doing, especially if you’re lacking self-esteem and confidence. If you’re struggling to recognise any, think outside the box a little bit. For example, if you spend lots of time on the computer then you’ll inevitably possess good researching and knowledge skills. If you spend lots of time reading then your vocabulary and grammar might be far better than you first thought. Every time you think of a skill, write it down along with a short description on how it could help. This will let you see a worthiness you might have previously missed.

Self-esteem exercise no. 3 – Write down your goals

Keeping track of where you want to go can be hard. Writing down your goals (both short and long term) can help you plan your next steps. They don’t have to be massive or lifelong goals, and can be as simple as “go down the shops” or “see some friends,” because even these tasks can be difficult when you’re feeling low. In addition, looking back on your list of achievements can give a much-needed boost. Your goals must be affordable, respect your needs, and make you enthusiastic. So be careful when you make this list, if your goals are too difficult or in this moment, you are not ready to achieve them, think if they are feasible and then write down your list. Goals are very important to get you used to trust your amazing abilities.

Self-esteem exercise no. 4 – List 3 times you’ve overcome difficulty

We’ve all faced adversity in our lives, but some more so than others. If life is constantly beating against us it can be hard to get back up again and find the confidence to overcome an obstacle. Listing times in the past when you’ve overcome a difficulty is a great way of realizing your own resilience, which will help your self-esteem in hard times. These don’t need to be massive issues or amazing reactions, as long as you acknowledge you recovered from something. Visualize yourself some situations while you were able to solve a problem, gave a good advice which helped some friend or relative, or when you won a competition. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can use to become more self-confident.

Self-esteem exercise no. 5 – Avoid judgment

Use a paper and a pen, or your computer, or a recorder. For the next few days, record or note the subjects you hear people talk about. After about a week to ten days, closely re-read or listen to the information gathered and you will notice that at least 80% of the conversations you have listened to are built on complaints and judgment. Examine your notes and see what subjects made you uncomfortable. If you don’t find any, that is not a problem. What is important is that you are aware that judgment is a rather frightening adversary. So it is normal if it still taunts you as it is truly difficult to avoid judging.

Becoming a more confident person can be a long and arduous journey, but it always starts with you believing in yourself. Moreover, it’s when you have to play hard that you can realize how amazing abilities you have within and that you can use to improve your life an your self-esteem. This does not mean you have to be selfish or tell other people how good you are doing this or doing that. Self-esteem is the way to be happy, to achieve your goals and live the life you have ever dreamt of. Once you have self-esteem you can project this positivity outwards at other people, who will see you as a shining beacon of confidence. Just remember, it all starts within!

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