Master your internal world a new magic trick to Self-esteem

Moving a step forward to good Self-esteem it is a question of strategy. You cannot reach it unless you master your internal world.

Mastering your internal world is not complicated.  As far as you are conscious that you are an emotional human being, whom most of the time act under the effect of emotions despite of the rational thoughts. 

Yes, it’s true we are emotional beings who think. When we come to an agreement with specific emotions, yes we get the power to master our internal world and become more confident.  As I have written in my previous article, avoid judgment as much as possible. Under the effect of self-judgement, it’s not possible to analyze your internal world quietness.

Master your internal world to reach more self-esteem has nothing to do with hurry and speed.

This is nothing about judgment and the amount of thoughts running into your mind, which prevent you to stay calm and serene. You can use any of the relaxation techniques you know to relax and carve out at least 10 minutes a day beginning to master your internal world. No matter you decide to master your internal world in the morning, afternoon or another time. Relax by listening to a relaxing music, lay-down on your chair, on your sofa or on your carpet if you like. You have to be comfortable and not to be disturbed by anyone. Switch-off your mobile phone and any other device. Take some deep breaths and relax.

When you feel good, let’s begin mastering your internal world.

Master your internal world, step one.

Imagine yourself while you are going down a stair. No matter if this stair is made of stone, wood if it’s big or small. Concentrate on the stair while you are going down you feel ever more relaxed. After a few seconds, you find yourself in a room. Imagine this room as you like, big or small, with sunlight entering through the windows or lighted differently.

Master your internal world, step two.

When the picture of this room is clear into your mind, imagine a person entering this room. Surprisingly he or she is a copy of yourself, he or she is your subconscious. He or she smiles to you and invites you to set down and talk about you.  

Master your internal world, step three.

Now tell your subconscious about the most detrimental emotions, and situations that hurt you. Which are those preventing you from a good self-esteem? Tell your subconscious about situations you are now striving to solve but you don’t, and that make you sad or frustrated.

Master your internal world, step four.

Ask your subconscious about a solution to your troubles. Take notes of the situations that prevent you to a good self-esteem. Identify max three situations, and think how you could improve your attitude while you are feeling a certain way.

Master your internal world, step five. 

Your subconscious may suggest you how to interact positively with other people, or how to transform your distress into acceptance. Don’t be shy and keep on talking with your subconscious as long as you like.

Master your internal world, step six.

When you have finished your conversation, thank your subconscious for his or her help. Then, climb-up the stairs until you visualize yourself in the place where you are now.

Master your internal world, step seven. 

Take other deep breath and slowly move your arms your legs. Open your eyes, and when you feel good, stand up with a positive mood. From this moment on you’ll be able to move a step forward to your self-esteem.

 Naturally, this exercise it is not something that can magically transform your life from one day to the following. You need time and practice to get in touch with your internal world. One of the best way to learn how master your internal world is accepting its rules, and change them accordingly with your needs. 

Master your internal world means to be aware of your emotions. When you understand why you feel and behave in a certain way, you get an extraordinary tool to be more conscious about your emotions. You’ll become more conscious about the situations you are experiencing and why you behave in a way or another. 

When you get use to do this exercise several times, you will understand why your attitude is vitally important to improve your self-esteem. Emotions, attitude and self-esteem are highly connected.

It is possible you have already read something about happiness and self-esteem. In any case, I would like to remind you an old saying telling that: “Only you know the best way to be happy”. This is an incontrovertible truth.

Always listen to your heart, even when you receive some different advice from friends or others. They can be right or not, but they cannot feel the same way as you feel. Therefore, before following any advice, be sure this is the same advice that you would follow. Get ever more in touch with your subconscious mind doing this exercise or practicing other techniques you know. Do it whenever you like. This is helpful to get along during your amazing journey to self-esteem and master your inner self.

Follow these tips day by day and you will see amazing transformations into your life.

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