Self Esteem

Self esteem is generally referred to as Self-worth and Self-respect. We all know it’s the most important part of our life. Too little self-esteem can leave people depressed and unsuccessful in any field. In psychology, the term self-esteem is described as the person’s over all personal value and sense of self-worth. In simple words you can say that self-esteem that how much you appreciate or like yourself. Self-esteem involves many concepts about your own personality, such as the appraisal of your own appearance and looks, emotions and behaviors.

Importance of Self Esteem

Self-esteem affects your overall personality. It can be the difference between failure and success. When you believe that you can do it, you will definitely do it. Self-esteem can affect your thinking in positive or negative way. If you don’t value yourself then it is obvious that others will also not value your existence. All above it can be the basic reason for your happy life.

Signs of Healthy Self Esteem

How can you know that you have good self-esteem or you are disgracing yourself? Here are some signs of healthy self-esteem. If your personality shows these signs then you are gold.

  • Self confidence
  • Ability to say No to unwanted things
  • Be able to see overall qualities and weaknesses and accept them
  • Ability to express your thoughts and ideas

Self Esteem Can Make You Happy

You need to take pride in what you are today because you worked hard to achieve this status. Sometimes it happens that we may not achieve what we desired for but it does not mean that you have lost everything. You should not hate yourself but love yourself and be happy in what you have now. Appreciate yourself and motivate yourself to do better.

Love yourself and appreciate what you have. You are happy when you don’t need anyone’s approval to feel better about your personality.

Love is the best feeling in the world and most important ingredient of anyone’s happy life. Before you love someone, you need to love yourself. In fact happiness is in loving what you are. If we do not love ourselves, we will have problems loving others. Love life is ruined and happiness too if you don’t have self-esteem.
Research has shown that loving yourself plays a vital role in achieving you r goals and success in life. When you are happy, you definitely think positive which is key to success. We should figure out how to consider ourselves to be the most vital individual and don’t give anybody a chance to influence us to feel less imperative than them. Be careful, that doesn’t mean we need to be presumptuous and narrow minded.

Either it is your love life, family life or your daily dealings with others, self-esteem stands at the top reason for your success and happy life. Achieving great things is not success or formula to happy life, but in happiness is when you are happy for your efforts and what you have. You are your own Boss.

In simple, don’t let anyone to destroy your happiness and always take pride in yourself.

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