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About me

People call me the “Queen of Self-esteem” but it has not always been like that…

Hi, my name is Elena Adani. I am a well-being professional and a coach, my main passion is helping people to achieve extraordinary goals, and I enjoy creating products and new strategies to improve people’s lives.
About 5 years ago, I made a big change. As I could not keep on working in an office where I could not express my creativity, and myself, I decided to quit the job and dedicate my life to help people just like you. I made this big leap when I was about 42, so there is no specific age to make radical changes…

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Be the hero of your life

Lack of self-esteem is a problem faced by many people. I bet you may have suffered from it at least once in your life. Have you ever felt inadequate… READ MORE

Free yourself from back pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the world, affecting an average of one out of four people. It is something that is difficult to treat quickly… READ MORE

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"I was amazed by Elena's competence"

“I was amazed by Elena’s competence as a life coah and marketing consultant from the first moment I met her. Thanks to her life experiences she is able to help people to get well and enhance their self-esteem. She is a very sensitive woman and she has a deep knowledge of emotions and of the connection between mind and body. I have really appreciated the professional growth I did with her.”




Omar Siviero


"Elena is a "self-made woman" as they say in the USA."

“Elena is a “self-made woman” as they say in the USA. She achieved her goals thanks to her personal and everyday experiences. What she says it is true because she experienced herself, and I think this is the only truthful parameter proving the fact that her experience is very helpful to people who have to solve the same kind of troubles.”


Silvia Malagoli Testimonial


Silvia Malagoli

Flower-therapist, enviromental engineer.

"Something special for people’ Wellness."

“When I met Elena for the first time a couple of years ago, I suddenly realize that she was looking for something special for people’ wellness. I can confirm that the methods used by Elena are effective as much as the results. Lifenowacademy will definitively change many people’ lives.”


Samuele Tedeschi Testimonial


Samuele Tedeschi

Personal trainer, Posture trainer.

"Elena Adani writes books that speak to you, to your heart."

“Elena Adani writes books that speak to you, to your heart. Her conversational style and simple examples makes her easily relatable. She spells out ways to face our complicated lives, making sure to use personal examples to remind us she is one of us, and not standing on a soapbox wagging her finger at us. A refreshing and raw take on how to improve our lives.”


Evelyn Blake


Evelyn Blake


"She dedicates to new projects to improve people’s well-being."

“I have begun my pesonal journey with Elena several years ago and I’m sure it will last for a long time. What I love the most of Elena is the passion she dedicates to new interesting projects to improve people’s well-being.”


Barbara Ferry


Barbara Ferry

Messeuse, well-being professional.


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How self-esteem works

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Self-Awareness: The First Step to Reaching a Good Self-Esteem

Why self-awareness is vital to helping you achieve a good self-esteem In my previous article, I explained how self-esteem works, specified that self-esteem does not depend on your DNA, and thus can be changed whenever you wish if you can learn to change the way you...